People Living with Pain or Chronic Illness Support Group

People who are living with pain or chronic illness can find it to be a very isolating experience. In this 8-week group you will learn practical techniques, including mindfulness meditation, for coping with pain while being supported in a safe environment shared with other people who are dealing with similar issues.

Lupus Support Group

Since February 2014, I have been the therapist for an ongoing Lupus Support Group in Washington, DC. The group is open to people living with Lupus and to people who are supporting loved ones living with Lupus. This is a welcoming and safe space for people to discuss all of the ways that Lupus impacts their lives. There is no charge for the group, which I support on a pro-bono basis. Donations to support the group (to pay for parking and supplies for group members) are accepted with gratitude.

Grief Support Groups

Grief can be confusing and lonely. These grief support groups provide a safe space to lean into your grief and facilitate healing. The groups include education about grief and time to share and process your emotional reactions to your loss with other people who are also grieving.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please contact me.


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