A Path Forward

A Path Forward

I find it difficult to describe what I do and how I work with the people who are brave enough to ask for help, for support. On a walk in the woods I came to a place where the path became a set of steps that led right into water. I could see the trail pick up on the other side of the water but I couldn’t tell how deep, or safe, the crossing was. As I stood there, deciding what to do, I had this thought:

This is what life often is — coming to a place where your path becomes unclear. Where, even if you can see the path in the distance, between you and it is a muddy, potentially very slippery, and perhaps challenging amorphous obstacle.

This is also how I think of my work as a therapist. You are on your own path. Your path is not mine or anyone else’s, but sometimes you need someone who is willing and able to walk the path with you for a while. Someone who can point out the trail markers when you find yourself feeling disoriented. And someone who can help you develop the skills and insights that you need to be able to traverse the muckiest parts of your path.

My job is to help you walk through the muck of your life and help you to clear the space for you to see the next steps ahead. Certainly, your path is different from everyone else’s. So, while our work together is grounded in my extensive training, I do not have a one size fits all approach to therapy. I will work with you to create an environment in which you can say anything you need to say, even the things you didn’t know you were going to say. And this is a confidential space, so you don’t have to worry about whether what you say comes out just right or about how others might judge you.

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